Solagua Project strongly advocates for a clean, healthy and thriving environment.  We will employ good practices of using only organic fertilizers, using solar energy and reducing the volume of water usage. Our plans to support other local agri-businesses will result in having less waste of our bi-products.


  • Only organic fertilizers will be used in our facility to produce the highest quality fruit and vegetables that will be available in our local market.  
  • Solar panels will provide all the energy required to run our 1,500Sq.Ft. hydroponic farm and so we will not be drawing any energy from the municipal power source.  
  • We will employ a SAEF (Shallow Aggregate Ebb-and-Flow) System, which requires a fraction of the water used in traditional agriculture and is also less than traditional hydroponic systems.  The water will be changed every 2 weeks but still retains enough nutrients to be reused in traditional farming.  We will safely store the water and donate it to another local agri-business for use on their crops.  Our biomass will also be donated and will be made into compost.
  • By growing crops not available in Belize, we help reduce the need for imports which in turn reduces the carbon footprint brought about by transportation.