Food and Nutrition Security Initiative

As a stakeholder in the agricultural industry, Solagua Project will work to increase the availability, access, sustainability, and consumption of local, quality, nutrient-rich produce in Belize while collaborating, coordinating, and advocating with other stakeholders in the agricultural and other sectors.  



  • Increase the volume of vegetables, berries, and herbs available in local markets, growing crops currently in cultivation in Belize, but not at ample supply to meet demand without importation. 
  • Provide vegetables, berries, and herbs in local markets that are currently unavailable or are only available through import due to the climate of Belize.
  • Expand and duplicate climate-safe, hurricane rated, hydroponic greenhouse structures throughout Belize into areas not currently able to sustain agriculture.  
  • Supplement existing food relief efforts with high-quality, locally grown vegetables, berries and herbs.
  • Develop cooperative commercial endeavors to assist Belize in a strategy to lower dependence on imports of some produce.
  • Provide raw product to agro-processors in ample supply to create export opportunities. 
  • Grow organic-quality produce, high in essential nutrients to promote better overall health to the consumer.
  • Educating the population about the importance of eating healthy, nutritious food in order to achieve an active and healthy life.

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